About us

Tom, one of the three founders of Tomsocks, has been passionate about style since his childhood. Despite being an essential element of our apparel, Tom felt that socks weren’t getting the attention they deserve in terms of style.

Tom came up with the idea of starting a company that focused on improving the style of the socks. This is how the journey of Tomsocks started.

The company aims to make socks an integral part of everyday style. Usually, before going to bed, the last thing we take off is socks. Tomsocks want you to smile one more time before going to sleep by looking at some trendy socks.

Above everything else, Tomsocks want people not to take socks for granted. Although everyone wear them almost every day, they don’t acknowledge the importance of socks. Tomsock's mission is to make everyone cherish everything they wear.

In addition to this, providing free socks to homeless people who can’t afford them is one of the company’s biggest goals. Along with spreading happiness to people who can afford it, Tomsocks aims to provide comfort to the unprivileged ones as well.