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Tom Socks

Beer O'clock

Beer O'clock

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Embrace the spirit of relaxation with our Beer O'clock Socks! Featuring playful beer-themed designs, these socks are your stylish invitation to unwind. The lively patterns inject a touch of cheer into your style, making every moment feel like the perfect time for a refreshing sip. Slip into Beer O'clock Socks and let the laid-back vibes of your favorite brew accompany you on your daily adventures. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or just appreciate a quirky accessory, these socks set the tone for comfort, style, and the joy of a well-brewed sock game! Cheers to stepping into a stylish break!


80% Cotton 17% Polyamide

3% Elastane

Care Instructions

We recommend washing your socks with cold water and no bleach to preserve colors and maintain size and shape.
Colors will stay truer if you wash your socks inside-out.

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